“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can at it.”  

-Danny Kaye

Personalize your photos… On Canvas!

Make your memories into your own works of art!

How it’s done…

We use digital technology to turn your regular photos into extraordinary pieces of art.  After the image is printed we coat the canvas to make it water resistant in either a gloss or matte finish.  The canvas is then stretched in a gallery wrap, where the image cascades around the sides, or an artistic wrap, wheret a solid colour is chosen, to enhance the three dimensional effect of the mounted print.

All of our prints are done on the highest quality canvas using pigmented inks that last up to 200 years.  Our canvas’ are then hand coated using a high quality giclee veneer and then hand stretched over heavy duty pine stretcher bars.

Canvases are a perfect gift for:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas
  • Mothers & Fathers day

Art Effects:

Your Original Photograph Transformed Into:

Dry Brush

With this effect your photograph will appear to have been hand painted.


This effect can be used to add a beautiful antique feel to your photos.

Poster Edges

This effect increases the tones and contract of your image and gives it a unique feel.


This effect will transform your photograph into a one-of-a-kind watercoloured masterpiece.

Other Canvas Effects:

Colour Accent

Add colour accent to your portraits and express your personality with this exciting hand-coloured effect.  Bursts of colour against Black & White or Sepia take your portraits to a whole new dimension.  You simply choose which features to accent with their original colour for a dramatic effect.

Photo Collage

Be the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind work of art featuring the most fascinating subjects of all.  Just give us your images and we will arrange them to create a beautiful photo collage art canvas that is sure to be the focal point of your family room.  Great for wedding and vacation photos!

Split Panels

Enhance your canvas print by having it printed over a split frame canvas.  We can professionally split your photo image over multiple canvas frames so that the canvas print will make more of an impact.

Canvas Printing & Stretching Pricing

Canvas Effects:

Image Size

Printing & Coating Price

Stretching Price

Total Price

Regular Photo No Charge
8” x 10” $29.99 $20 $49.99 B-W / Sepia No Charge
11” x 14” $39.99 $20 $59.99 Add Text $15
11″ x 20″ $49.99 $20 $69.99 Accent Colour $20
14″ x 16″ $49.99 $20 $69.99 Art Effect(painting, sketch, comic, etc) $20
14″ x 20″ $54.99 $20 $74.99
16” x 20” $59.99 $20 $79.99 Split Photo $20
20” x 20” $59.99 $30 $89.99 50% More for 3 Panel Split
20” x 24” $69.99 $30 $99.99 Collage Artistic $20
24” x 36” $89.99 $40 $119.99 Collage Gallery Wrap $20
36” x 48” $159.99 $50 $199.99 Warhol (1 panel, 4 panels, etc) $25

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